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Feedback from our customers who have been using the early version of Funky Moves over the last few years is of utmost importance to us. They tell us what they want, and we listen! We are busy finalising the next generation of cones, making them more robust, using a far more capable technology platform and ensuring they look better too!

“There are almost limitless applications for this basic technology not only in Primary School PE classes, but also in secondary schools, nurseries and after school activities…Even children that are more interested in computer games and modern technology than sports that spend most of their time in front of a computer will be fascinated by the electronics in this game and might become interested in sports and physical activities again.”

– Gillian Thomson
Curriculum Development Officer, Falkirk Council

“Funky Moves appeal to all ages and abilities and enable skills development, coordination and concentration training, thus add value to existing physical activity. They definitely add an exciting new dimension to our work and the kids absolutely love it! “

– Active schools team Dumfries & Galloway