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An independent study by the Scottish Institute of Sport has confirmed the benefits of using Funky Moves in Physical Education classes.

Quantitative and qualitative data was gathered before, during and after an intervention period in which Funky Moves were used by a cross section of classes in PE.

For the quantitative analysis a customised test was designed by the Scottish Institute of Sport to measure speed, agility and decision making capabilities of a cross section of primary school children. The two classes per age group were tested before and after a five week intervention period and performance data recorded. During the intervention phase one group used the Funky Moves concept in PE classes while the control group continued with their traditional gym activities. The recorded performance data was then analysed and compared. The results are shown in the graphs below.

To enable a more complete review of Funky Moves, qualitative research assessing the overall benefits of the concept was carried out utilising various in depths questionnaires. One set of questionnaires was completed by teachers after each individual PE class to record observed behaviour patterns of children playing Funky Moves games. Another questionnaire was completed at the end of the pilot study assessing in details aspects such as form and function of the product, suitability for intended use, overall perceived benefits and level of desirability for schools. The graphs show a summary of the key outcomes.

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