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Instructional Technology in PE

The value of instructional technology in the classroom cannot be overstated. The use of computers and other technology has boosted the level and quality of education in children from a young age, and it continues to do so. However, instructional technology in physical education has pretty much consisted of stopwatches, pedometers, and music. While it’s no secret that regular exercise helps to stimulate the brain and increase focus, most of the mental benefits come after the fact. Here at Funky Moves, we think that we can do better than that. Funky Moves combines activity, fun, motor skills, and cognitive learning to get more out of physical education.

Ideal for Physical Education

funkymoves-graph1 (1)The Funky Moves system comes with four cones, a remote, and a manual that includes instructions for 50 different games that can be played with the cones. These cones allow for a virtually endless supply of games and configurations. They can combine a mix of activity, attention to instruction, and memory. A five-week research experiment with primary children in two age groups recorded significant results. Each age group was divided into a control group that continued traditional PE activities and an experimental group that tried the Funky Moves concept. Each were subjected to an agility test before and after the experiment, and the difference at the end of the experiment is significant. Teachers were also asked to assess the suitability of the system across several categories and it’s impact on behavior. These graphs Illustrate the findings.

Usability and Flexibility

Most technology doesn’t work everywhere, but Funky Moves cones can be used pretty much anywhere. They’re for indoor and outdoor use, and they are easily transported. Unlike most instructional technology, these cones allow for mass use. A single Funky Moves set can be used with up to 80 people. On top of the games that can played with just the cones, other uses can include training for traditional sports, like basketball or soccer. They can be used for any age group, and the lights and sounds can be customized to fit the activity they are being used for. The cones can be used for virtually any PE purpose, from team-building exercises to personal skill development.

This system can work in any area and almost any sized group. Take a look at our videos for examples of how they can be used, and then try it out yourself!