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Robust, high-quality hardware that promotes responsive, fun activity


Fun and cognitive learning programs using play and sport


User oriented platform to facilitate interactivity and promotion of devices and games for fun play

What is Funky Moves?

Funky Moves is the new fun active gaming system that puts the fun into getting active. The technology driven training system provides a range of games and training concepts for moving both the body and the mind. Whether it is in the playground or the gym, Funky Moves provides a fun, flexible and accessible active games system that can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and activity levels. Not only is Funky Moves the fun way to get active, it is also scientifically proven to enhance key motor and cognitive skills. Funky Moves. Putting the fun into active play!





“I believe Funky Moves is very innovative and an ideal solution for any physical education program.”

– Dr. Lisa Witherspoon
University of South Florida